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Bibigo Red Chicken

Doesn't it look nice? It tastes great too :) 

I know I know, I've been frequenting bibigo haha. Today's lunch was already arranged last week before hubby met me last minute last Wed.. So it sounds like a lot of bibigo recently... Haha.

Super full now.. 

It's mid week blues. I'm kinda sian at work. But I shall continue to give thanks for this job - for the sian-ness cos it allows me to do other things too :p

This month will be challenging, other than meeting belle for dinner on the 19th, I shall be staying home to spend time with the kids. It sounds all very homely and cosy but I think it's gonna be tiring. I haven gone church for months - mainly because I chose not to. I will not bring both kids to church cos it's too crowded with other kids, I also won't leave them at home while I go. So I stay home with them. I don't think that's backsliding? It's just that since I don't go church, spiritual life will be at a standstill. Anyway, past unhappy events that happened in church over the years also made me quite jaded.. Oh well. 

Lets see!


Jung Woo Sung

Just came across this picture in Instagram.. Jung Woo Sung's facial expression is enough to make me wanna watch this drama Padam Padam! And there's Han Ji Min from Rooftop Prince to top it off haha. Now I gotta find some app that has this drama. 

On the way to work in the super crowded train. I'm on half day today and after work, I'm going straight to Jurong Point to collect my movie premium and enter lucky draw to get a chance to take group picture with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo - yeah the organizer assumes all who are going for the movie Cold Eyes are students.. No need to work one. =_=

Oh well - glad I have plenty of leave spare. 


I'm turning into a Korean.

I had bibigo yesterday and today. Next week also going bibigo.. But their food is really nice ☺


blink of an eye

August is here. Celebrating end of the year! Really prefer 2nd half of the year to the 1st.. Dunno why, but it seems more fun?

Haha cos I'm looking forward to my bonus and increment in 2014! Or maybe, looking forward to a change in career too? Haha.

I really put on weight super fast can. Just 1 long weekend and I'm up by 1 kg! Sigh.. The Hari Raya goodies contain too many calories! And supper with hubby at chomp chomp last night didn't help either :-(

Oh well, it's expected la. I've been ... Eating!

Maybe it's time to set some goals eh. Like, lose 10kg by year end!


weekends are tiring..

I'm full time baby sitter in weekends.. Both day and night. Sitting in office doing searches and opening files is far easier..

Oh well. Things will get better!!

Work has been quite hectic though, hence no time to blog.. Hmm actually I am busy with other stuff also la..booking theory lessons for my driving.. Surfing Internet for personal stuff.. And online shopping. Lol.

Got these two covers from qoo10. Thought they were silicon but when they arrived - plastic.. Prefer silicon covers cos they don't slip easily n offer better protection. But no choice lor, buy le. Quite cute right :)

Had breakfast at Prive with hubby yesterday. We took leave to discuss our plans and it turned out quite fruitful.. At least now we know tentatively we are heading this direction. Nothing's certain yet but at least both of us are clear so it's good. Food was ok at Prive. Like their ambience and songs too!

Lunch was at Din Tai Fung Suntec. I've recently fallen in love with their food, especially their spicy dishes and crab xiao long bao. And their chilli! Add a dollop into whatever food there is and it will turn into a super tasty mouthful :)

And dinner was at the same place again, but at the Bishan outlet ahaha. Met Shiyun for dinner to pass her some stuff. I had this hot and sour soup which colleague recommended; but it turned out to be NOT hot nor sour at all! So guess what I did?

I added lots of vinegar and that chilli. Voila. It was superb. Ahaha.

So as u can see I ate A LOT yesterday. So today I am gg to eat v little.. I didn't have breakfast. Had lunch at in laws place (usual rice with dishes) and I will have my protein shake for dinner!


Tuesday pinks

As opposed to Monday blues.. Tuesdays should feel better?

Ah I just got a seat in the train. Indeed a good start :-)

Not feeling too well, again. I got a really painful throat whole day yesterday. Took Danzen, redoxon, colostrum at work, and sambucol when I got home. This morning, another dose of colostrum and Danzen. Feeling slightly better already.

Can't fall sick! It's annoying! How to take care of baby! Zzz.

Simply must get well.

Was just chatting with my manager abt branded bags last evening. She was carrying a gold balenciaga and it was really pretty. Then she told me that since I'm gg Paris next year, should get many many bags from there cos they are so cheap!

Ok it's time to save. No buying bags until Paris next year. I wanna get balenciaga, Chanel, longchamp, Gucci! That's at least 4 bags Liao. +_+ err actually I wanna get more longchamp cos their bags are foldable and easy to keep! Haha... So it's maybe 6 bags?

So I shall just hang on to my current miserly few bags and wait.... Impatiently.


very thankful

Today has been relaxing! Managed to watch running man on YouTube for a couple of hours today :-) I watched the kimchi making race (Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo were the special guests) and now watching the next episode with the same special guests where they compete to be king.

Their conversations and sound effects never fail to crack me up.. Especially the angry bird music! And the names they give to one another... Blank Ji.. Giraffe.. Lol.

But the YouTube videos sometimes give problems and I can't watch smoothly. But really no other choice.. Those drama apps not very helpful also!

Also unable to watch the recorded shows on tv also.. Weekday nights I'm quite occupied with ironing.. And weekends I'm taking care of baby. Zzz.

Anyway I've been faithfully eating the colostrum pills after my sickness and they are really quite good. I feel energetic at work (usually I will doze off after lunch) and I guess being able to stay healthy and feeling great is the best proof. I've read a review that falling sick initially after starting to eat e colostrum pills is part of the detox phase that the pills bring. Purge out all the toxins! Maybe that was what happened to me?

I need to do smth abt my hair... Patiently waiting for it to stop falling off so dramatically.. I wanna colour it brown!

Also waiting patiently for the day when I can start attending church again.. Dunno when also. Think the church next door is the best option for me to attend ASAP. In the meantime, I'll survive on podcasts from Joseph Prince and Joyce Meyer :-)



On the bus home. Haven been sleeping much for the past few days so I'm feeling quite stoned now. Oh and it's that time of the month. Stoned x 10.

Just went to the Robinsons sale last night and finally bought the Babybjorn baby carrier. It's really worth the price - great fit and very comfortable for both parent and baby!

Oh and we changed tingkat to Kim's kitchen. Their food hits closer to home, so I think we should be sticking to it, unless hubby protests later on. Their portions aren't as fantastic as meihao99, but taste is definitely more impressive! Good for me too, don't have to polish off the massive leftovers from meihao99 every night...

Haven brought my girl to watch Despicable Me 2 yet.. Maybe we will just wait for the DVD to be out.. Haha. Better mah, got English subtitles :-p

Maybe I should take a nap.. I'm so bloody random.



I miss my me time.

I wonder when I'll get it back.

I'm not a perfect mum. I'm just human who happens to be tired and probably less tolerant.

Maybe when I'm at this stage of a potential meltdown, God can come in and take over. Maybe God is just waiting.

God's manna is sufficient for me everyday.


topsy turvy

As u can probably tell, I've been really busy.

In fact, I'm so busy till I forget things. Forget to give my girl homework, forget to eat supplement, forget to blog.


A few lifestyle changes I've put into place these few days:

- I've decided to take the bus home instead of taking train to bishan central followed by feeder bus 410. The 410 is so damn crowded and slow that I feel so tired and grumpy after I alight. Now I take 162 from opposite AIA tower (10min walk from mbfc via marina bay link mall- good brisk walk) and SIT all the way to my doorstep. And I reach home maybe 5-10 minutes earlier than if I take train/feeder!

- I buy bread home everyday. Now I do that during lunchtime.. Pop down to bread talk at marina bay link mall basement and get the bread for family's next day breakfast. Last time it was my mum who settled the bread but ever since I started work, she is stuck at homes w e kids.

- ironing clothes every other night.. Haha I'm actually getting faster I think! With ironing, I sleep at around midnight. Without, maybe 11pm.

- waking up at 530am every weekday morning to take care of baby while my mum goes kitchen make coffee. Then I snooze till 715am.. So u can tell I am not really sleeping enough. Snoozing isnt really sleeping u know.

I'm checking out a church near my home soon. I've given them a call, their service is 10-12pm (they got prayer before that at 830am) and weekly cell in the form of bible study every Friday night 8-930pm. It's just a 5 min walk from home, which will be really convenient for my family :)

Just checking it out for now, as change of church is quite a big move.. Different culture, different doctrine maybe.. Definitely different practices (the one I'm checking out is a baptist church)..

Currently hubby and I aren't regular at all at current church - distance, family commitments, work, exhaustion all being reasons or u may call it excuses.

Guess if I can't go to church, why not church come to me? So long my r/s with God isn't compromised..?


my Indonesian maid is horrible!

Who says maids are here to serve? More like we are subject to their arrogant behavior!

No doubt my mum is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene, I can say that she has lowered down her standards a lot to compromise with this maid. This maid is...incredibly lazy and dirty by nature. Give u an example. The toothbrush that we use to brush the water bottles, she took it today to clean the fan. If my mum did not see this, i am sure the maid would have put the brush back and use it to continue to brush bottles! She will not throw it away cos she will be stumped if my mum asks her where did the brush go.

Another example. She uses cloth to mop floor. After mopping one portion of the floor, u gotta go back to the pail of water to rinse the cloth, rub the cloth with your hands to make sure the dirt goes into the water... Then u dry cloth and go mop another portion right?

She doesn't. She just put cloth into water, take it out, dry cloth, and proceed to mop.

So the cloth just gets dirtier and dirtier.

My mum saw it this morning, and asked her why she doesn't wash the cloth. She didn't even bother to look up and respond to my mum.

In the beginning I tot she was just plain stupid. Now I am starting to believe that she has absolutely no heart, no interest to do this job. Hence the "whatever" attitude.

Seriously, I can do it better. I want to send her back. Then tell the whole wide world not to employ this maid!



Have ordered from this website twice and I'm extremely pleased with the products and speed of delivery. I have started in the acai berry diet pills and the Colustrum pills. Looking forward to seeing some nice results :)) especially the Colustrum pills!

I am so going to sleep early tonight. Haven had a properly sleep for two weeks!!


wedding dinners

This brother will always have a special place in my heart. Have known him since I was 16 - that's 17 years already lol. First few years we were just acquaintances in e same church, then we really talked when we went to the same course in Temasek Poly.. I was 19 and he was 18.

We even worked together in 2009 at Singapore Power.. It was a short stint though. We don't meet regularly at all over the years but somehow, it was never out of mind for me. As I heard his wedding speech together with Huizhen, I was tearing at some parts. He has finally married the one he truly loves and longs for :) after so many years.

May the two of them live in love happily ever after! Congratulations Jeremy.


2 years le!

It really didn't feel like 2 years in my current firm! Anyhow, I am excited that I've been here 2 years, and not job hopping - no intention to either. I can't wait to go back work after my leave lor.

Was telling hubby that this is so worth celebrating hah. Maybe later breakfast we can go binge again :) feel like having eggs Benedict but no idea where.. Zzz.

It's 6am in the morning and I had quite a good shut eye from 130am to 5am on the spanking new King Koil mattress we bought. I was in the very same position from 130-5! Hubby and baby seem to be sleeping extra soundly too haha. My old mattress is really damn koyak la, many years already and the springs are all spoilt in so many places, jabbing us while we sleep :(

Not looking forward to tomorrow as we are going in law place for lunch. Mainly because baby has been super fussy everytime we bring her there and I get so frustrated and worried the whole time. Haiz. Praying that she will behave tomorrow when we are there..


start to exercise routine

God is good. Despite the fact that my mum is down with sore throat :S

I'm starting my exercise routine today, after my mum comes back from seeing the doctor.. Just going down to the treadmill downstairs and brisk walk for 30min. Hmm maybe I can try using the stepper too. Half half! I need to start eating lesser also. Especially during dinner time.. Zzz.

Once I get back to work, I may not get to exercise le. After work I gotta rush back home to shower for my elder girl, then will prob be busy with dinner time and homework after that. Also need to help w the baby.

Every morning I gotta wake up at 530am to go over my mum room to take care of baby while she has breakfast and prepares lunch ingredients.

How to exercise leh? Unless I sign up for gym at my office and work out during lunch.. Zzz. Waste of money really. I got gym downstairs!!



Weekends are tiring for me.. But hey, it's 2 more weekends to my trip!

Tml me going back Sunday service, first time after I gave birth. Has been maybe 3 months? Miss congregational worship so much.

I've decided to really really be myself. Be real without putting on a mask. I used to be v fearful of how others may think of me if I do this or that. Now, I don't really care, dunno why also.. If people don't like me, too bad lor.. Ha.

I really need to lose another 5 kg at least! Been eating non stop, not good at all. I've told my mum that I'll start going exercising Monday onwards. Will b going downstairs gym to do half an hour brisk walking on the thread mill every weekday ie 5 days a week. Should b able to see some results bah.. Better than nothing.


the thing is, you think you have time.

Read this quote this morning while scrolling through my instagram feed.. It's really hard to program oneself to live as though each day is his last day on earth isn't it? People love to plan and plan as though they have plenty of time ahead of them.

I'm kinda in the middle.. I find it pointless to think too much about the not-too-near future. I often say "think so far, Jesus come back already loh".. Hubby was just telling me excitedly about this new insurance policy that spreads across 3 generations and I nearly fell asleep (ok I was already very sleepy to start with). I was like, just tell me if this policy fits our requirements ie save for baby's education....!

Ha, but thank God for hubby's differently wired mind also, if not I won't be able to figure out which policy to get!

Ya so, I just like to plan for this month and next month, max. Love going thru my calendar repeatedly when I'm bored.. See if I've missed out anything etc. I also do up micro planning such as list of things to bring for our trips, daily reminders to put on mosquito patch for my girl etc. hehe.

Oh I just started taking some acai berry diet capsules, bought from iherb.com. Over 700 reviews which are good!! But results will be better if I exercise la.. Lets see how I'll fare without lol.


Melbourne trip confirmed!!

After we booked the trip at the agency, I just felt that I'm gonna miss both my girls so damn much.

Haiz. I feel that way every trip la. I really need a getaway to bring some balance and more importantly, sanity to my life. I kinda realized that my mum is the main source of my stress and the way she does things and the way she talks drive me up the wall a lot of times. I've been seeing her every damn day of this maternity leave, all day long, and it's very argh. I need to get away from her!!


Thursday yay another weekend coming!

Its 3 plus in e afternoon and I'm feeling woozy after 5.5 hours of sleep last night. These few days have been so warm lor.. Sian.

Hubby and I are going somewhere in Australia end of this month.. Haven decided where yet, but prob just Melbourne for 4 days. Yay to cold weather!


baby blues or depression?

My mum commented that this no. 2 made me cry the most. I suspect I have either post natal blues or mild depression that caused all the uncontrollable crying. I feel tired, exasperated, angry and helpless.

These 2 months have been very tough. It still is. My emotions are so messed up that I cry at every little fuck up. Baby cry, I also cry. Things don't go the way I want them, I also cry.

It's Labour Day today, May has finally started. May is the month I get to finally go out quite a bit. Strange isn't it, other mums wanna spend all their time with their newborn and all I want is to get out of the house. Symptom of post natal blues?



It's already 930pm, time for milk, still don't wanna wake up! My only worry is, the little one will be wide awake after the next feed and my mum gonna be very chum later when I go for my midnight movie with hubby. Sigh.

It's rather impossible to wake her up when she's sound asleep. So I really dunno what to do man. Zzz. Only way is to wait.. Hmm lemme google and see if there's any solution.

Yes we are going to watch Iron Man 3! Ha.

Planning a short getaway too, maybe end of next month to BKK. Don't really like BKK especially the weather, but it's like the only place that has real cheap shopping and food. 3 days 2 nights - cannot go Korea or hk also.. Sigh. But yes, we need a getaway, just the two of us, for some personal time together.

End of April Liao - so happy man. May will be a more happening month!


FDW second day

Turned out that she's not feeling well, having cough, sore throat, runny nose. Gave her Panadol cold relief and Danzen and Told her to drink a lot of water. Today, she told me the medicine made her sleepy. Panadol is non-drowsy medicine right???

Oh well.

And so I now have to take care of baby so my mum gets to sleep properly in order to train the maid in the day. It's really a struggle, when I am damn sleepy and baby shows no sign of wanting to sleep. Zzz. Early this morning after her milk at 430am, she was awake until 7am before she fell asleep! Faint right!

I'm looking forward to 7 may which is my vocalist practice. Soon soon!!


New FDW is here!

Went to pick her up today at 11plus. All day, she has washed two toilets and learnt how to cook from my mum. Tomorrow morning she will sweep and mop the floor, plus boil water and fill up flasks and bottles.

So far so good, my mum is happy with her also, which is the most important thing. To me, as long as my mum and I can get back our normal lives, I'm happy!


another new week!

Despite the dreary days I've been going through at home, time does pass rather quickly. It's already 22 April. I'm looking forward to May! Already told my mum that my vocalist duty will start in May.. - that's my strategy of slowly going back church without my mum feeling the pain of my absence too much, cos vocalist duty is just once a month - comprising of one weekday night practice (3hours) and the actual Sunday service (4hours). It's not too bad.

I can't suddenly tell my mum and shock her by saying I'm going to go cell group and service every week next month. Baby is still quite dependent and requires a lot of attention. I am praying hard that she will have longer and more regular / predictable sleeping periods soon. And also, the maid - praying hard that she will get the hang of things soon and my mum will love her!


I can feel a pimple :-(

Argh. Have been staying up 2nd night in a row - maybe that's why. It's 319am now.. I'm sleepy but I rather not doze off now. I hate waking up in a blur and feeling the whole weight of exhaustion from lack of sleep!

Just saw a Facebook update from a friend. We aren't exactly friends anymore actually, we sort of fell out after smth I did. Now that she's having some problems, I feel like showing my concern but dunno if I should. I ended up doing nothing but just said a prayer for her.

Hope things turn out well for her!


God's mercies are new every morning

As I thought about life, and now tough it is now at this point in time, I can't help but agree that God's mercies are sufficient for me each day. My strength may be depleted, my temper may have stretched thin, but after a sleep and I wake up, I'm ready for another day, however it may be.

April 18. Ok I'm kinda desperate to get this over with. I wanna do so many things! Get back my balanced lifestyle!

Attend church service and life group
Go for my vocalist practice
Go gym and do some walking
Free time to do some packing at home

See, even household chores are appealing to me now!


another week..

Ok la, shan't complain, the weeks are passing by quite quickly.. Mainly cos my sleep patterns are all messed up and I no longer know which day is which at times..

I've finally found time to watch The Ides of March. Not a bad show, but guess I'm not the type who likes watching academy award movies.. A bit slow leh. But this movie had two good lookers that made it worth my time haha.

I've just come up with the helper's timetable. Pray with me that she will turn out well!


finally my help is coming soon!

We have found a helper!! A transfer maid who can start work in about a week's time - really thanking God for answering prayers.

The next prayer is - this maid to be a great one! I've seen enough friends having problems getting along with their helpers and having to change one after another. I am keeping my fingers DOUBLE CROSSED.

To me, if u are good to me, I'll be good to you. Treat her like a human being with due respect and manners, and not a robot or slave. And hope she reciprocate.. Ha.

Nevertheless, I'm damn glad that my exhausted self can have a good rest soon! Hubby too! And I can't wait to go exercise once the maid settles in!

Bought a air purifier with lemongrass and citronella essence to repel moZzies. We put that in the living room where most of us will be at during the daytime, it's also the place where windows are open and those 'living things' can get in. Our rooms windows are shut most of the time. I also bought a citronella gel to put in the master bedroom, just in case a commando mozzie manages to get pass the living room.. Lol.

Tonight I'm on night shift again. God bless me with a peaceful night please :-)


tiring day, but worth it :-))

Was with hubby at taka all afternoon and evening. He was hunting for his belated birthday present and we went to look around at Coach, Mont Blanc, Burberry, Gucci, Agnes B., and finally he settled on a Coach calf leather tote cum shoulder bag. While walking around, I also bought some cute stationery for my elder girl and some pastries/ bread for the family. We finally settled our dinner at Angus House at Taka 4th floor, which turned out to be a fabulous choice cos the food was so good!

Haiz somehow the pics I upload using this blogger app look so compressed and distorted. Oh well. Better than no pics right :-)

Hubby's steak was damn good and he was so happy about it. Happily chatting and laughing all day, love my times spent with hubby :-) more to come!!! Maybe next Thursday cos I have appointment with gynae again haha.



Currently watching this Korean drama..already at episode 11 after just two days :-) I should have started doing this earlier to make myself happier.

I wore one of my pre- pregnancy denim shorts yesterday. My groin and hips area are so plump now man. Still can wear but very fitting. It used to be loose. Zzz. Guess I need to do more walking. I did some walking and stretching exercises at home today. A short 5 min, but still a start :-) so much simpler to do it at home, no need to change clothes, no need to go anywhere. Just do it.

This Wednesday hubby and I will be going for a short shopping date, looking forward to it! Now I can understand how housewives feel.. Stuck at home all day taking care of kids, seizing every opportunity to have some personal time without the kids!!


keeping track

I'm more or less back to my normal size.. Now have to work on my remaining stubborn 7kg that has been bugging me for the past 7 years after my first pregnancy. ARGH. Seems tough. Hmm I wonder if I could lose it if I did 2 months confinement instead?

I'm actually gaining weight cos I can now eat anything, which is bad news and what I had suspected will happen. Sigh, how can I lose some more weight leh? Think I need to either eat the same tiny amount of food when I was in confinement, or I start exercising. I really got no time to exercise leh.. Unless I just keep walking and walking around the house? Zzz.

Maybe that's the only choice?


Post Created 3 Apr, 2013 8:16:34 PM

Just bought these Chinese books for my girl, and I think it's such a wonderful investments cos I think I'll read them too! I've always been interested in Chinese teachings/ proverbs/ idioms but never knew where to get the materials to read up. In Chinese, they are called 弟子规,三字经,论文 etc. I'm gonna read them these two months - I will become very knowledgeable soon! Ha.

Post Created 3 Apr, 2013 4:44:26 PM

Ordered a buffet lunch from Deli Hub / Delihub (not sure if there's a space in between..) last Saturday for 65 pax. Food was great; quite a few guests complimented the curry chicken and fried rice. Will definitely order from them again (there was a mistake but recovery service was more than satisfactory) for our future celebrations :-)

I had 2 bread sticks for breakfast with Anlene milk. Lunch was leftover mixed rice which I shared with my elder girl.. Maybe 30% went to me. Got hungry at 3 plus; so I had 2 mini egg tarts. Not too much right?? Feeling guilty that I had e tarts.. Haiz.

Dinner?? Maybe a subway?


today will be better

I had a long night.. Today shall be better.

Dinner last night was rice with fish and veg. Breakfast this morning was Anlene milk w 1 pc whole meal bread. Lunch is leftover duck rice cos my girl couldn't finish it.

Shan't have rice tonight.


confinement over!

Well at least I don't have to eat only what my mum cooks specially for me. And I can bathe freely and wash my hair yay.

Quite worried abt mosquitoes in the house. I have this electrical repellent, but it's tucked behind a sofa so I wonder if it works. Terribly paranoid now.

Think I better record down my meals.. Lest i forget.

Breakfast : Anlene milk with a teaspoon condensed milk with 2 pcs whole meal bread
Lunch: a bowl of red wine chicken (quite oily). No rice.

Haven had dinner yet. I'll probably have the usual small bowl of rice and a bit of whatever's there. Maintain maintain!!


MacDonalds for dinner tonight

I'm gonna have fish fillet burger.. Not exactly what I want, but I still can't eat any type of chicken yet, cos my wound still recovering. Actually there are many things I cannot eat yet cos my wound not fully recovered yet, eg most seafood, chicken, duck etc. and I still cannot take cold drinks until after the full 40 days of my confinement. Blah.

Hmm maybe I'll have a double cheese burger instead :-)



Twitter has been around for years and I've just started to realize how fun it is.. I've always been slow..

Finally the day has arrived. Tomorrow is the last day of my confinement. Right after tomorrow, I'm going to shower thrice a day. The news just reported that its gonna be as hot as 35 degrees next week! I'm actually looking forward to the bathing part and not the eating part. Still troubled over what to eat..

My sleep cycle also quite screwed. I'm supposed to sleep when baby sleep, but I'm not someone who can sleep immediately after I lie down. I need to be adequately tired after a full day in order to fall asleep easily.

I shall attempt to sleep now, so tomorrow will come quickly!!



I've over-exerted myself, again. Damn angry. When will I ever get well! Now my wound hurts. My back hurts. And I'm tired.

Everyone's tired. How can I impose on anyone when they are as tired? I can't just go to sleep while the rest don't. Sigh.

2 more days!

The weather really pissed me off today. Was very irritable and moody. Now feeling more sane after a shower.

Hungry.. Strange, I had lunch at 1plus and now it's only 4plus.. Scary.. It seems that my womb became smaller and my stomach became bigger, hence the growing appetite?

Resist! Persist! Lose more weight!

I wanna lose 7 more kg within the next month - do u think I can do it?


counting down

Actually I'm counting down not for myself.. But for my mum. She has been cooking EVERYDAY for the past 4 weeks and I'm sure she will be more relieved than me when I end confinement.

Only major differences for me are that I'll be able to wash my hair everyday and I can eat whatever I like. I'll still have to bear the bloody weather since I'm not going back to work yet. Bleah. I think that will be the only thing that's stopping me from being a housewife. Well, unless i on the aircon all day la.

Not sure if I'm happy about eating whatever I like. Better do up a meal plan soon so I can keep my weight in check.

Going for a hair wash and cut this Saturday before the baby shower. Should I cut it shorter, since I'll be having some post pregnant hair loss? Yeah. Maybe cut to armpit length. Easier to wash and comb too. Washing my long hair is such a chore.

Going back to the weather, it's making feel like going back to work in May instead of mid June. Like, go back work in May and then be off for the whole of June. But I guess that won't happen cos my mum will still need me at home. It's better for me to go back work when baby is bigger and easier to handle?

After this week, i wanna start to do some walking. Like, bring my girl to and from school (which is just 3 min walk away from home), buy lunch from the canteen at the industrial area next to my place (maybe 10-15min deal?). Gotta start instilling some strength into my muscles man, they are all so weak and lifeless now.

Hubby's on leave tomorrow and Friday, yay! We are gg to get the stroller from kiddy palace, actual price $369, but we will only be paying $69 cos my cell group has chipped in to contribute $300 as baby shower present, cool! Grateful for the gifts, clothes, tonics, diapers- we really use every bit of them! Maybe this is our number two, we really didn't bother to buy much beforehand.the mentality was "let's see what we need when she arrives", and the only thing we bought was the cot cum playpen which cost abt $149, and a set of milk bottles. Yup we didn't even buy diapers or powder.

Seem to be writing a lot today. After effect of sleeping 8 hours- haven done that for a long time!


I'm just being responsible

Since Yesterday, i have been drinking fish essence in the morning and chicken essence at noon. I'm gonna do this everyday until I finish all the bottles which were given to me. Hopefully it will help in faster healing despite lack of sleep.. Thankful for all the tonics given, I'll put them into good use!

One more week before I get to eat whatever I want; not sure if its good or not, scared of putting on weight. I'm now 2kg away from pre-2nd pregnancy weight.. Can't wait to lose that and more..

Quite troubled over this coming baby shower. First time baby exposed to many people and kids, so many invisible germs and viruses flying around. I'll be bringing two bottles of sanitizer down and will offer to visitors especially kids. Can't take any chances on this sort of thing I feel. My kid is my responsibility, not others'! Don't really care if some people will get offended or not; i am just being responsible.


I've become an owl

Body still not as energetic as I'm still recovering.. Have to take naps to feel better and to rest my back. And so I dozed off at 9pm and woke up at 2am.

So now.. It's.. 315am.. 0_0

Hubby has been very insistent and ordered me to go rest. So he took care of baby while I slept away. Feel kinda bad that I need to rest so much while my mum and hubby sleep so little.. But guess that's necessary for me to recover fully. It's taking a long time for me to recover man, I'm getting rather impatient. Haiz.

I simply have to get better by mid April so I can volunteer at my elder girl's excursion! Argh.



Came across a friend's instagram (dunno her v well actually ha) and her life serving in church - so filled with joy and purpose. I am inspired.

The saying goes : u start serving where God placed u. And guess what - that's often the hardest. At home: just can't wait to sink into the sofa and watch telly. In office: just can't wait to finish all my work so I can knock off on time, sink into the sofa and watch telly. Watching telly kinda helps me just forget myself for the moment and start getting concerned on people acting out their lives inside the box.

That's pretty enjoyable and relaxing actually. Life's quite rough u know. Then u realize that it's really very meaningless to watch telly. Nothing comes out of it. But being stuck at home w the kids, what else can i do? Sigh.

I can spend my time doing other meaningful things such as checking on my friends and how they are, writing well wishes cards for friends, or reading the bible and see if there's anything my life can improve on. That's provided my small one is asleep and I have my hands free to write or read or type.

I guess I can cut myself some slack these few months as I recuperate from my operation. No need to rush into things. Just continue to think and reflect.

sitting by the cot

Had two well-rested nights. Tonight and tomorrow will be battle of the winks winks as I will be on night shift.

My upper back still hurts though. After some thought, I believe it's due to carrying baby too much and my bad posture - I never sit up straight. Did some stretching exercises just now and made sure I straightened my back whenever wherever - seemed to help!

9 more days before I finish serving my 'prison' term. Then I'm gonna get MacDonalds delivery first thing on Sunday. Maybe I can start thinking of what to wear next Saturday..


can time pass by faster?

So we can all fast forward to the phase where everyone's used to the new routine?

My sleep was so fragmented last night, it was damn frustrating. And it plays with my emotions so much. I feel that my shoulders are crumbling (in all aspects) and I have simply no way out. Helpless and depressed.

Actually there are plenty of issues yet to be ironed out and have to be ironed out before I go back to work. I feel sandwiched, angry, worried, guilty (especially towards my elder one), n still overwhelmed.



patience is required

Think I'm gonna explode soon from the dramatic adjustments in the daily routine. Just two weeks ago, there was one. Today was the start of another one.

Vulgarities are just right there, at the tip of my tongue.

Was praying late last night at midnight while feeding. Call me weak, call me insane, but I'm glad that I have a faith where I can commit my troubles and uncertainties to. I'm someone who likes things to be perfect, hence I feel extremely stressed when uncertainties come in, people come to impose their opinions etc. These few weeks in confinement, I've been quite teary. Still overwhelmed actually, with the whole host of chores that the family has to do with the new arrival. Everyone's quite tired out.

This phase will probably pass soon once we get used to the routine and I will laugh it off when I read this post half a year later.


oh dear it's already March

Most of you would already have known what I've been busy with.. No need to explain eh? :-)

Strangely but pleasantly, being a mum all over again this time, is really quite different from the first time 7 years ago. Being mentally and emotionally prepared is really so important for big decisions such as this. Having number 2 has entirely changed my definition of being a mum. The amount of love for my children (and may i add, husband as well) has expanded so much it's unbelievable.

Very thankful for the extended paternity leave and shared parental leave that hubby managed to take, total of 2 weeks. Apart from the help he has been offering at home, his bonding with both children is also so valuable.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that I'm proceeding to have number 3. :-) in fact I'm actually feeling bad that time spent with my number 1 has really been reduced. Things should get better soon as we settle down with a proper routine and as I recuperate. Number 1 has really been a wonderful helper though, I'm so so proud of her.

It's 6am now, have been up most of the night. Doing night shift these few days. The fact that my hair stinks is really getting on my nerves. Argh.


out of this world

Is what I'm feeling right now. Can't wait to get back to my normal self soon!!

I'm on mc these three days. Not fully well yet, but I guess it's getting better after a lot of lying down in bed. I have to get back to work on Monday regardless.

Not quite ready for the upcoming arrival.. But I guess one can never be 100% ready. Have packed the bag for the hospital stay maybe 80% already. Using the longchamp bag that my manager gave me, it's really quite roomy.

Going to rely on hubby a lot soon. A lot. Wonder if he can cope? He's really damn busy w work now.. Hope his planning and preparation for Town Day will be complete soon so he can take a breather and prepare his heart and mind for the new addition.

Praying does help. Maybe my lack of praying had led to the mood swings earlier. The absence of God's presence and assurance in my life, in my family. It doesn't matter whether I attend church or cell group. Most importantly I need to have this personal connection w God thru daily communication with Him. I need to talk to God daily, not just once a week or when I need to.

Everyone of us have different circumstances and challenges in life. I've been through enough to realize that I shouldn't judge others from the little i know, because everyone is fighting a battle in life which I may not know about.

Just watched Already Famous by Michelle Chong. Thought it was a really nice show that once again provoked me into thinking what I really want in life. Do I really wanna be in an office job for the rest of my life and spend 9hours a day in the office doing things I don't care about?

Eventually Michelle Chong decided to give up her dream and led a simple life in Malaysia.. Hmm..


tired of trying to cope

Dunno. I dunno if I can endure any more longer.

Call me lousy. Call me immature. Those of u who don't understand, shut the fuck up and close this damn window.

I'm overwhelmed by my topsy turvy emotions, haunted by negative thoughts, angered at the slightest irritation. I'm trying to cope, trying to accommodate and help out. I'm trying to do things even though my leg and back is killing me. But I dunno how long more I can endure all this. I'm probably blinded by my emotions at e moment, hence can't think straight, can't think fairly.

Sure all these will be over in another month. Then there will be two kids to handle. I hope that I will be stronger soon.

But one thing I'm quite sure. I'm stopping at two. Circumstances and situations are looking uncertain as age catches up w me and my family members. And I don't want to feel all this negativity again. Don't want. I feel insecure, ugly, unwanted, unattractive, useless, drained. The list is endless.

So what if its cny? It doesn't feel like one.


Happy CNY

my last day of work before CNY. Hope everyone is in the CNY mood and don't send me any emails.

lazy to go out buy lunch today. So i bought banana yogurt for breakfast (part 2) and a spinach wrap for lunch. The banana yogurt was a tad too sweet (especially with that layer of honey at the bottom of the yogurt!) but it was very nice la..just that in my condition, i don't think i can eat honey off the cup like that.. *shrugs*

Tomorrow on leave - not exactly bumming around, need to send girl to school early in the morning for her CNY celebration (she will be wearing a bright red traditional dress) and then go and see gynae in the late morning. Then, fetch girl back home at noon, shower her, blow dry her hair, and rush her off for a short nap before waking up for chinese enrichment class at 3pm O_o..

Very busy. Whatever happened to a simple uncluttered life. Guess it's not really possible with kids around?

Lately some friends on facebook have been commenting on the White Paper. Guess it's freedom of speech (to a large extent as long as it doesnt amount to libel/ defamation) for everyone here in SG, but I do question the amount of knowledge and understanding my friends have on political issues. Politicians (whether from PAP or WP or whatever P) all are concerned about the growth of SG, we shouldnt have qualms on their loyalty towards the country. I agree that some politicians are not as smart or visionary (not all are created equal), hence they may not give very wise views/ proposals (in our opinion) in Parliament, but we all cannot deny their effort and time spent in discussion over SG's future. There's really no need to make personal attacks on each and every politician who gives a speech that doesn't appeal to you! That really irks me and greatly discounts the opinion I have of you (if there's even any left).

Making personal attacks on politicians on facebook is the easy cowardly way out to vent your anger. Wanna seriously do something about it? Join the grassroots lor.


been away long enough

I mean, I've been away from my faith long enough. The negative thoughts and opinions brewing in my mind are getting so crowded in my head that I know I know I know that it's time to start to be a good girl again.

I haven been attending service and life group. I haven been praying, haven been reading the word. All these actually dont mean a thing when u do it like a routine or out of habit. When I don't do it, I'll start feeling guilty first.. Then when it gets too long, i will start to feel indifferent and now I'm kinda at the stage where I can feel all the side effects coming in eg negative thoughts and disbelief.

It's not as though I never backslided before. I have and I was away for 7 years. It's really not difficult to backslide. It's just a decision to stop doing everything that's related to the faith and lead life your way.

Now, I'm not going to make that decision. It's different this time. I do have a relationship with God now, unlike the last time. It's just that life now for me is kinda out of balance and I am kinda overwhelmed with so many issues on hand.. Some expected, some not. I will not feel guilty for not attending church this time round. I will not feel guilty for not reading the bible. Guilt is merely a feeling the devil loves to use to make me feel lousy and I know God's grace is sufficient for me.

I am going to be out of action for a while, that's for sure. God is still watching out for me. God still loves me as much as that time when He died and rose for me. That's what keeps me going.


Big Meals

Some big meals coming up in February..

This Saturday - Reunion dinner at Imperial Treasure
Next Saturday - Steamboat reunion dinner at inlaws place. No rice.
CNY Day 1 to 3 - Steamboat each meal? I'll go without the rice.
15 February - cell group at my place - possibly having another big makan session
19 February - Buffet dinner at Brazil Churrasco (I'll probably be going for the salad bar option though, since I cannot take beef that's rarer than well-done =_=)

Looks like i have to eat salad wraps/ sandwiches for all other days in Feb.




From now on, I shall just concentrate on doing my work as best as I can in the office. I shall focus on getting the work done and not think about anything else.

Haven got the chance to get any CNY clothes yet. No reason to, since we aren't really doing any visiting this year. Maybe just gotta get 1 top to go my grandma place on Day 2. Just a blue or brown one to go with my dark blue or brown shoes which i bought in Malacca last month.

Traffic has been very bad these few weeks. By the time I reach office, I will be feeling achy all over and suffering from a mild headache. Tell me, how to have a good mood every morning leh? I need at least an hour or so to feel better. Every morning, in the midst of all the jammed cars, I will wish that I work somewhere nearer to home.

No mood to blog even. I spent the whole bloody day writing this post.



sleepy. half an hour more before i get out of the office. can't wait. it's not the work that's dreadful, i realise. it's the behavior and personality of some people which annoys me. Well, maybe i cannot cope with it well enough, hence it's annoying. *shrugs*

no longer sure if i am happy working here. i guess if i am able to just see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, i'll be able to just brave through / outlive the annoying personalities and work here my whole life. If i am able to see this job purely as a means of earning a living, i'll be able to just ignore the negative happenings and work here my whole life.

After all, it's hard to find another job with such regular hours. WTH.


feeling crappy

just started on a new Korean drama..it's a 2008 drama, 식객 (食客) / Shikgaek. Very obvious, it's about food :) I've finished 2 episodes - not bad :)

Won't be attending sunday service for the next 3 Sundays as hubby will be at work for CNY-related events. Oh well, will just stay home then, and rest. Or maybe check out the church beside my place.. it's a Baptist church, I expect a much quieter culture than Hope. Generally Baptist churches don't practise speaking in tongues, so I have no idea if I can adapt if I ever change. But sometimes, maybe change can be a good thing, especially when it's so near my place and I still can attend if hubby has to work. I feel weird not going to church or cell group for so long.

The other question is: is church-going becoming a more like a routine for me already (which isn't a good thing)?

At this juncture, I'm just not too interested to answer such questions. Requires too much thinking.



I'm horrified when I saw this. I realized, that my current thoughts hovers within the unsuccessful circle. I've been living in more bitterness than before, because I was hurt before. I guess it was quite a blow, it happened a year ago and now I'm still affected by it.

I'm now distancing myself from my cell group because I do not wish to socialize and saying I'm good, I'm okay, I'm doing fine when actually I'm just tired of sharing how I really feel. I wonder if they ever get sian of asking the same question every time?

Even at work, I've grown terribly quiet and I keep to myself as much as possible, just doing my own stuff. I hope these emotions will pass me soon and I'll be back to normal.




I am back at work (officially) in the new year. Last Friday I was in office for 3 hours also...last minute got called back to office coz colleague went on urgent leave, so not counted. 7 Jan today, and I am itching to know how my bonus will be like. Heard from a friend that big firms get 1+3 months. Sounds good eh.

Not that I got anything to buy... in fact i havent been buying anything at all. The only buys I got in Malacca was 2 pairs of flats (I think I have feet belonging to Malaysia, i totally love their flats), my foundation refill and a lipstick. The majority of the buys went to the food lor..dao sar piah and cookies etc. Would have bought more stuff if not for that suay-est to the suay-est food poisoning episode that caused us to return to SG early.

Seriously what can I buy? My bags are usable, my 7-year-old wallet is as good as new, my Tag watch is as good as new, I got iPhone 5 already. My laptop is still usable. I don't have the habit of buying jewellery and I don't do manicures/ pedicures/ facials. I need a rebonding session badly but I cannot do it until maybe end of this year.

Well, I am going to spend on a good dinner with hubby on his birthday. And I'll be paying for CNY Eve dinner at Imperial Treasure with my mum. Will that be considered?


I'm a LONER :)

i usually do not have this practice of getting Christmas gifts. It is just another social activity which I am absolutely poor and clueless at. I mean, gifts are supposed to be given anytime, without any need for occasion, out of our hearts and thoughtfulness isnt it?

Talking about socialising - I really think it's just not in my blood la. It's such an exhausting activity! Take my workplace for example. My firm is a really large one, so I prefer to just keep to myself, do my work and go back when the clock strikes 6. Even within my department (which is just 5 of us), I am probably the quietest one. Strangely, I was more chatty and outgoing in my previous workplaces. Guess people change.

Well I guess if people initiate a conversation with me, I can open up quite easily. I'm just not one to initiate anything. It's just too troublesome. I also find it annoying if I need to socialise and make small talk at work, especially when i end up being unable to finish my work on time.

Maybe that is why I like my current workplace - coz i get to do my work without getting disturbed. :)



i am so tired. didnt sleep all night. tossing and turning all night. it's only 3pm. and each minute is passing by so slowly..argh.

(after what seems like 2 hours)

Just had a look at the time - it's only 330pm...WTH?!

I'm like, yawning every minute. 6pm, when will you come?

this is the last full week i'm working. Next week, I'm just working on Wed and Thur, and then I'm on leave for the whole of the following week. Can't wait for that to happen. I just wanna nua and cuddle with my girl.

Ok i've yawned again, it's 336pm.

And now i'm reminded of what's gonna happen this saturday. And I'm supposed to fast i.e. no coffee even. This is bad. Means i'm gonna have a splitting headache while i'm being poked thrice for blood this saturday morning. But then again, perhaps the headache will distract me from the poking. =_=

Ok the thought of having no coffee has made time go a wee bit faster to 342pm.

Yawned again - 345pm.

Are you starting to yawn too? lol.



It's Friday! Actually, why am I looking forward to this weekend? Next weekend I'll be subjected to 3 TIMES POKING & WITHDRAWING OF BLOOD. zzzzz.

And i'm actually paying for such an atrocious act.


3rd Trimester

was tempted to get Fillet-o-Fish breakfast just now, but decided against it and got a ham & cheese salad wrap instead. *pats on own back** I had a floss bun, coffee with anlene powder and a bottle of chicken essence this morning at 745am. It's now 1030am and I'm still pretty full, hope i can eat the wrap only at 1230pm!

Today is 12.12.2012. Many couples getting married today, facebook status updates all about the the nice numbers. I'm just more concerned about my aching back and how to position my PC at work so I can lean back more comfortably on my chair. And so, I've moved the monitor and keyboard nearer to me, so I can lean further back and elevate my legs on the boxes underneath my desk xD

Argh I am still burping chicken essence - freaking gross.

Ah, today marks the start of my 26th week. OH I'm past 6 months already! I hate counting in weeks, so confusing. Hmm, so I'm in my third trimester already?


Reading as a Hobby

I just cannot stop buying books for my girl.

Even though i can get e-books now, i still prefer the feel and smell of the good old book in my hands. I always feel that looking at e-books will spoil the eyes (is that true?). I grew up reading many books and I have a particular love for Enid Blyton, The Picture Bible, encyclopedias, Roald Dahl and Christopher Pike. I remember my very first encounter with books. I was probably primary 2 then. i was with my dad's relatives and was given a huge bag filled with Enid Blyton's books. I was so awed by them that I actually still remember it now. As I'm the only child, these books occupied a lot of my time and i just get immersed in storyworld. Pixies, elves, goblins, throlls and fairies were one of my favourite themes! Reading storybooks improved my English by leaps and bounds. When I entered primary 1, I knew not a single word of English. So now I firmly believe that reading is a great tool to improve one's language.

I love it whenever my girl just sits on the sofa quietly and read on and on. I would often wonder what's going on in her little mind. Sometimes, she will tell me what she learns from all her reading and sometimes i am amazed by what she has picked up. Whenever we are at the bookshop e.g. Popular, I will just tell my girl, ok choose any 2 books and I'll buy them for you. I just want to give her more and more knowledge!

As I entered secondary school, my reading decreased as I got involved in ECAs (now known as CCAs) and BGRs lol. But I was still reading, in particular Roald Dahl (imaginative and light-hearted) and Christopher Pike (thrilling and mysterious). My reading habit literally disappeared as I started my diploma. By then my English is really not bad already la.. Got an A2 for O levels, managed to get into Legal Studies Diploma. ;P

Ya so, I really want my girl to gain her knowledge from her love of reading. Just that books take up space and my shelf is really not that big. Maybe my stuff have to go. I still keep my Japanese language books and materials.. I was learning Japanese for a good one year and i have many worksheets that I can't bear to throw. Maybe i really should just throw now.. no point keeping them right? In fact hubby is at home right now clearing some stuff from the console that we are going to give away to make space for our girl's new ergonomic table & chair set, plus her bed. Early CNY spring cleaning!



i have eaten TOO MUCH over the weekend!!! ARGH! I dont feel hungry u know, but once i start eating, i can just keep on eating without feeling full!

10am (breakfast) - 1 rice dumpling
2pm (lunch) - Feast at Sushi Tei (2 adults 1 kid spent $70 =_=)
6pm (snack) - 2 slices of watermelon & 1 plain waffle
9pm (dinner/ supper?) - Fried rice with cabbage, roast meat and dried shrimps

9am (breakfast) - Fried mee with chicken wing & fish fillet
1230pm (lunch) - half portion of deep fried fish, steamed garden veg @ Aston's
3pm (snack) - free popcorn at Suntec
6pm (dinner) - rice @ inlaw place

This morning - I had a da bao, and half of hubby's fan choy at 730am coz he was feeling ill and couldnt finish. Now it's 1140am and I am still full.. Have bought a ham & cheese foccacia sandwich for lunch later. Need to CUT DOWN!

Weekend was tiring. Hubby was at OBS all day on Saturday, so my mum, myself and my girl went lunch at Thomson Plaza and was there from 130pm until about 4pm. My girl ate quite a lot at Sushi Tei, half a bowl of beef ramen, nearly a bowl of chawanmushi & 1 crab mayo sushi (yes considered a lot already!). Man I have fallen in love with Sushi Tei... the food is really fantastic! My mum and I shared like, 6 bowls of sushi & a plate of fried chicken :) My girl then went to do her long-awaited painting at the usual craft shop and did a beautiful castle. Then we rented Madagascar Escape 2 Africa which we watched when we got home. Still prefer Part 3 :)

Yesterday after church, we went lunch at Aston's with SK's family. My girl had half a plate of Salmon Spaghetti and a whole bowl of mushroom soup, also considered a lot!! hahaa. then we went Suntec to buy the ergonomic table, chair and shelf for my girl and then went bed-hunting at Star Living (Upper Thomson) and Midview City. Finally got her a nice sweet white frame with a good spring mattress. It was about 430pm when we got home. My legs and back were crying for some bedrest!! But good time spent with family, my girl had a lot of fun yesterday!

Glad it's December! Love the cool weather and upcoming pay check hahha.


Do you ladies go cut hair at the $10 shop?

i finally went for a hair trim at the $10 shop yesterday night with hubby who also needed a haircut. I felt out of place coz i usually see only guys cutting hair there, very few females go there. Somemore my hair very long, so it felt even weirder.


So yeah, I did it. Snipped off an inch off my messy hair and now I feel much better. Still looks messy coz all the natural frizzy curls are out (more than the rebonded hair now) but at least easier to comb.

And so, to solve my frizzy curls, yesterday hubby and I went to Swanston after work to get our replenishment of toiletries and I bought 2 bottles of Loreal Anti-Frizz Serum, the one I used to use. Currently I am using the Silkpro Revival Serum and also the Pantene Night Miracle, both ok la, but doesnt help in taming frizzy hair. And it's soooo cheap at Swanston! Only $7.80 per bottle!! NTUC sells for $16. Beauty Language sells for $12. I LOVE SWANSTON. We bought $100 worth of toiletries..

2 bottles of Pantene Extra Moisturizing Shampoo (big)
2 bottles of Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo (big)
2 bottles of Loreal Mango Shampoo for my girl
4 tubes of Loreal facial wash for hubby
2 bottles of Loreal Anti Frizz Hair Serum
3 refill packs of Lifebuoy Body Wash
2 tubes of Colgate Toothpaste
3 Kodomo toothbrushes for my girl
1 tub of Pantene Hair Intensive Treatment
1 bottle of Pantene Nourished Shine Conditioner
1 packet of shavers
3 refill packs of Kirei Kirei hand wash
4 x Glade Air Freshener (Lavender)
1 big packet of pocket tissues

Not sure what else we bought, thankfully i have come up with a list, so we were out of there within 15 minutes! Left Chinatown at 640, got home at 7pm. Thank God for good traffic!

and TGIF too. I may go LG tonight after dinner at home at abt 9pm, take a cab down. If i am not too tired. These 2 days have been pretty good so far.. and i miss LG discussion a lot, so hope to be able to make it.

Hmm wonder if my Qoo loot will arrive tonight ;)


When the game is over, it all goes back in the box

Finally received this book by courier today! Love the author :-)

I've been feeling quite bo liao during lunchtimes and on my way home. Sleepy also can't get to sleep, reception also damn bad on e train.. This book will come in handy in occupying my time. And I really shouldn't be just spending my lunchtime and traveling time doing nothing.. What a waste. Might as well read something that enriches the mind and brings about some new wholesome thoughts!

Missing my old days

I suddenly miss all my ex-colleagues whom I've lost contact with, particularly those in the f&b industry.. It was an era where mobile phones had very little capacity for picture taking, hence I don't have many of their pics for memory sake. There are some whom I still got them on Facebook thankfully, such as Marie, Julie, Belle, Kelvin, just to name the closer ones.


Who else? Gosh realize those I names are all guys. Perhaps I do work better with guys after all. Really, those are the days I feel the most fulfilled work-wise. After I started office jobs, each job was just a blur without much emotions or deep friendships involved. Now even as I eat out at restaurants, I still do feel a teeny weeny bit of excitement in observing the restaurant's operations. Sigh, as the phrase goes, those were the days.

I don't think I have the stamina or energy to endure such long hours, not to mention the bad pay. But still, it is my first love in work.

And I sigh again.

Cut down Cut down!

I went to bed early yesterday and today i'm feeling much better. At least work-wise and mood-wise. My appetite has become better too, i think its because i started eating a bit of junk food this week e.g. macdonalds fillet-o-fish breakfast? I had wrap for lunch yday and today, coupled with some plain butter bread sticks from the bakery. Eating wrap seems the most nutritious and tasty at the moment, coz I like to eat it and it has literally no visible oil or fats or sugar, it has loads of veg & scrambled egg bits that aren't oily at all. I tried the feta wrap today - good!

I'll be meeting Belle for lunch tomorrow and i already know what i want - tom yum soup!! haha. Been craving for Thai food lately, the savoury spicy salty type of food. I also love Fillet-O-Fish, for dunno what reason. LOL. Strange man. I will usually eat McSpicy whenever I'm at Macs!

I want to get a good weighing machine to weigh myself everyday, just to make sure I don't over-eat. Problem is I don't like OSIM brand and I don't know what other brands there are.. Haiz. My next gynae visit is in 2 weeks time, and I do not want to put on another 2 kg!!!! :-(



oh man i am so tired today, after attending a wedding dinner yesterday night.. attend wedding dinner so tiring de meh?!

thankfully hubby picked me up at 1045pm. Got home at about 1115pm, hubby showered first while i checked my girl's homework. then hubby came out to eat his dinner/supper while i went shower. Slept only at about 1230am.. Think i KO-ed within 1 minute.

and it doesnt help that time is passing by so damn slowly now. and it doesnt help that my office 1.25 hours away from home. Sickening. When I stayed in Sembawang, I also reach home at about 715pm. Now I live much nearer to town, also 715pm, sometimes later! U know why???

Taking bus sucks the time out of u. U queue up. U wait. Traffic lights. Traffic jams.

I'm just too tired. tired --> emo.


Road Closure Incident

It was a rather out-of-the-ordinary weekend spent. If you are on my Facebook, you would have read that the marathon organisers started the Orchard Road road closure just 5 minutes after hubby left me waiting at Cineleisure to go pick up his car at Mandarin Hotel next door. He didn't want me to walk too much, so he took my heavy bag (containing 2 iPads thats why) and the guitar and went down to get his car.

After 10 min, i was like, ok he lost his way in the carpark again... coz thats what always happens lol.

After 20 min, i was like, hmm did he get robbed and then knocked unconscious in the carpark?

After 25 min, i started praying frantically for safety and protection while my legs got terribly numb and my back started to ache. I got no phone to call, no money to buy a phone card.

I could only wait.

30 min - I saw a familiar figure sprinting towards me and waving at me at the same time. It was hubby!

Relief instantly swept over me and next I thought 'kaoz u not young liao, still run so fast, what if you break a bone?!'. Before he reached me, he let out a pent-up 'Fuck the road closure!' and then came to grab my hand.

Oh there was a road closure along Orchard Road. Then while he led me to the main Orchard Road, he explained that he couldn't leave the carpark by the entrance where I was, so he exited by the other way, and realised there was a road closure. He had to go ALL THE WAY to Newton and u-turned down to Orchard again. Then, he was stopped by the road closure again at Cairnhill Road, and I was at the opposite side of Orchard Road at Grange Road. He was forced to turn left to go down to Orchard Road and no one could tell him how to get across to the other side so he could pick me up.

Out of worry and desperation, he turned left and stopped the car, despite the traffic (there was only 2 lanes operating i think). He told an uniformed officer about the situation and was allowed to jump over the safety barrier to get me.

As we headed to the car, another uniformed officer looking extremely pissed told us off in a loud voice that we couldnt be doing things this way. Hubby protested "My wife is pregnant and has been waiting for me for 30 minutes!". The officer continued rambling in anger and said that he has to take picture of the car so he could report it. He promptly took out his phone and snapped pictures of our car that was in the way. I was too overwhelmed to say anything (dumb me) and allowed hubby to just lead me to the car.

On the way back, I was thinking, it simply wasn't fair that the officer just accused us of flouting the traffic laws. Sure, the marathon organisers have gotten the official approval from the necessary authorities for the road closure and they were just doing their job. But they could not deny that there was also a lack of advice and expertise in the sense that the officers could not advise my hubby on how to go about picking me up!! They were just concerned about the traffic flow, rushing hubby to carry on driving and were not ready or understanding at all for unique situations like this.

Hubby didn't stop the car to buy a drink or answer a phone call. He stopped the car by the road because of the road closure and also there was a valid medical concern for me as a pregnant lady who gets leg numbness after standing for too long and it may result in spotting (it has happened before). Why should he be fined for this?!

I can accept a warning letter (without point deduction or fine), I can accept that the officer go and buy 4D on our car number. Just don't let me see any red letter in the mailbox.



i KO-ed at about 1045pm yesterday... but didnt sleep til 7am.. woke up a bit in the early morning after a weird dream then went back to sleep after some difficulty. Didnt even know when hubby came in to sleep. Thought i will feel better at work after enough sleep.... but no leh. Still sian and mouth feels very dry and tannic. Usually at this time (10am) I am eating my brunch, but now i don't even feel like touching the bread i bought at Hans.

And I am not even looking forward to weekend..

Saturday - hubby's setting off for work at 11am, then class at 2pm, then go meet me at KTV at 630pm. Yes I'm not really excited abt KTV..

Sunday - hubby has class at 10am til 1pm, then buy lunch back for us. My mum will be out all day at my aunt's shop. Then go mil place for dinner.

What weekend?!

ARGH. I'm feeling damn moody now. Everything seems so dreary and gloomy and downcast. Don't even know what interests me anymore.


Bad day

Dont feel very good today - no appetite, feel like puking after eating my wrap. Maybe too much healthy food?

Bought a Toast (Ham & Cheese) for brunch and BLT Wrap for lunch today. The Toast ended up more expensive than their sandwiches (by 50cents).. shall buy their sandwiches next time.. But of coz the toast was TOASTED la...warm n nice.

It's such a slow week. My manager is on holiday and this is just week 1 of 3. I wish I can dont work.. but then again, what can i do at home if i dont work? I can only rot away which isn't exactly healthy also.. But i hate travelling to work now.. argh.

No inspiration to write.. brain refuses to work.


Saladstop Diet starts Today!

just saw my gynae last saturday, and i have gained a grand total of 8kg. And hence, my saladstop diet started today. Got a veggie egg wrap for brunch and ham cheese sandwich for lunch. No more Hong Lim Junk!

And so my diet on weekdays should look like this from now on:

730am - bread with butter & kaya, with kopi-o add Anlene powder
10am - wrap from Saladstop
1pm - sandwich from Saladstop & a cup of diluted milo
430pm - 2 Khong Guan lemon-cream biscuits
730pm - dinner (fist-portion rice or bigger bowl of porridge with veg/ fish/ meat if at home, i usually eat more if i'm outside lol)..

I realise that when i eat stuff from Saladstop, i don't get hungry so easily, which is cool, probably because their ingredients are made from complex carbs, which gets digested slower. I had my wrap earlier at abt 945am, and I'm still full now at 1230pm. YAY.


Sorry this post is taking me an entire day to complete lol. Had a good lunchtime chatting with my girl and confirming the list of things to buy in Korea when my friend goes over this weekend. hehe. Will be getting the following:

1) Holika Holika Jewelight Eyeliner (2 x Black Crystal, 1 x One Carat Diamond)
2) Lovely Me:ex Lip Tint Stick SPF13 (Color: 02) (x 10!!!)
3) Odbo Aqua Soothing Silky Essence (x 2)

This eyeliner is the only one so far that doesn't smudge badly on my oily eyelids. It does disappear a little after half a day, but only can see the slight smudge when i close my eyes. So happy to finally find a suitable eyeliner! And the lip tint stick - it gives a beautiful cherry tint after just 1 layer, and the moisturizing effect is great. Silky Essence - can't live without it LOL. And i'm using my last bottle!!

I'm kinda craving for rosti with sour cream again (we did order rosti during the dinner at Ambush - i only had a couple of mouthfuls coz hungry hubby came and started attacking it with gusto). Maybe this Saturday, early lunch?

Here's what we had at Ambush last weekend!


Dream dream dream

It has been a rather tiring week.. have been testing my limits by sleeping at 12am everyday this week, not that I have much choice leh.. my girl goes into bed at 1030pm now and my own time starts only after that.

I do have a bit of difficulty crawling out of bed in the mornings and I also feel sleepy at work after lunch..ha. Last night I felt most tired after worship practice at 1030pm and wished it was Friday instead of Thursday argh.


Just met Yanxi for lunch. Man, it has been more than half a year since i last met her. had lunch at Bumbu again, yay. Now feeling extremely woozy.. Was just telling Yanxi abt work.. the changes.. the moving.. and that I'm happy with my position now and I got no intention to move upwards, if the chance arises (which prob will in maybe 10 years time when my manager decides to retire? LOL). it's true man.. I do not like to manage people, I just want to deal with emotionless, dry and routine work from 9-6pm. Anyway I hope to go part time in the future, maybe work 3 days a week, with Mondays and Fridays off WOOHOO. wahahaha.

Just saying.


eat healthy!

My usual breakfast & lunch at work - chee cheong fun/orh kueh with chilli & sweet black sauce, fried mee/ bee hoon with small piece of fish cutlet - below $4.

Today's breakfast & lunch - Saladstop - BLT wrap, chicken mayo sandwich, a cup of diluted milo made in office - $7.50.

I'm pretty sure that today's meals are far more healthier than my usual fried stuff. and Saladstop is just below my office. Price, however, is double. But i really think its worth it to stick to Saladstop on a daily basis.

1) Amount of artery-clogging unhealthy fats and carbs will be greatly reduced.
2) I won't gain that much weight.
3) I won't gain that much weight.
4) I won't gain that much weight.
5) I won't gain that much weight.

Now u know my emphasis :)

I'm not going home for dinner tonight (yay to outside food) coz I have worship practice at church. But I'm so going to miss my girl. She's such fun now - chattering non-stop (when she's not playing on the iPad) and so expressive. Now her conversations will usually start with "U know what, ..." or "Do you know..", and i love it that she's so willing to share what she has learnt with me and hubby. It's the holidays now, so I try to go home early everyday to spend more time with her. Just sitting beside her makes me feel so contented!

I started playing Boggle with her yesterday night. Boggle is basically like the Scramble app. I guess it's a good thing for her to start stretching her brains a bit more by trying to look for words in different ways and combinations. As it was her first time doing this, she had difficulty locating words that were not in a straight line. So all i did was to show her the words that can be located. Then I played the game twice myself, showed her the words i found and got her to locate the words on the grid. We stopped after 20 minutes coz she got a bit tired hahaha. Shall continue again maybe during this weekend!

Was just chatting with Cat online yesterday and I was sharing with her my viewpoint on kids. I believe that every kid's mind is born empty and the kid's personality and character all depends on what we put in and how we teach and guide the kid. 90% comes from the parents and the rest comes from outside influences e.g. relatives/ peers/ tv. There's no such thing as "he's born with a bad temper!" or "I've tried everything but nothing works!" in my opinion.

So, parents have a huge responsibilty to bring up their kids the right way. Fill their minds with positivity and joy, if not the devil will fill it with anger and loss. Whatever time parents have, spend it with kids and impact them positively as much as possible. Show them the clouds, the grass, the TV remote control, the plants - everything is a source of wonder and awe to them!

I'm not a perfect parent myself - I've lots to learn from everyone. I've seen parents with better or worse parenting styles - I used to criticize and judge (mostly ranting about it to hubby) but now I guess I shall mind my own business and just focus on my own family! I may become a worse parent after no 2 pops out coz i'll be too tired or busy!! Sigh hope not...

Anyway i am glad to have no 2 when my no 1 is already going into p1. I really think i won't be able to cope with a newborn and a toddler =_=... my no 1 now understands her boundaries and is able to obey instructions when we tell her the reasons. although everyone says that the age gap between siblings shouldnt be too big, i feel that it really doesnt matter if the kids are brought up the right way - in love and respect for one another (so again it boils down to the parents!).

Wah i have written such a long post today lol. 2nd trimester is indeed much better LOL.


Bumbu Thai-Indo Restaurant

I had eaten too much today.. now i wanna sleep. :S Loving Thai food to the max now! Had some fantastic tom yum soup at Bumbu just now, with like, 3 bowls of olive fried rice. Am gonna have the same thing this Friday again with Yanxi, and I don't mind at all :)

Yeap I'm back from HK. Besides the roast goose, mixed cow parts, smelly tofu and gai dan zai, all the other food i ate were forgettable. Yes, even the Tim Ho Wan dim sum. Oh, the Koi Kei almond cookies I bought back are damn tasty also, super regret not buying more back lor! Now I wanna go back HK just for Koi Kei, and the roast goose rice. Argh, but when oh when? I'm practically grounded in Singapore until maybe 2-3 years later when no 2 is big enough to travel.

zzz. 2 more hours.



been busy planning for HK trip - haven had time to blog.

But yes, i'm done with e planning! SO now i blog.. xD

last working day today before my week long leave. and i'm down with a cough that threatens to bring along a good friend called fever. feeling weird all over now. argh. Have drunk like 2 thermo flasks of warm water and a couple more mugs after that - hope it helps. Gonna sleep early tonight too!

Hubby la, last night started watching 拳王 which i recorded - so i watched along with him until 12 plus. argh - shouldnt have fallen into temptation haha. gonna sleep early tonight, tomorrow night.. then get ready for HK trip. Yay free aircon in HK!

Half an hour more to 6pm - can't wait to go home, but sad that i cannot go near my girl cos of the cough - no way i am gonna pass to her when trip is so near. Have to get well quick!


Kei Kee Wanton Mee is too sweet! They put sugar or what?!

It's my last working day this week. I seriously can't wait for the day to be over, especially after the horrible Kei Kee wanton mee soup I had for lunch. I feel like puking now :(

i'm kinda having fun planning for the HK trip. Been browsing through blogs and websites on the food there and it's really quite amazing. I'm still not sure of what to do or where to go yet, gotta find the best way to ensure minimum walking and yet getting the best out of every minute there. Especially with a kid around who can tell you she wanna pee or shit any minute, it's really not very advisable to walk long distances.. you still can use an empty bottle with a boy who wanna pee, but not for princesses!

Praying for the weather to be really comfortable without being too cold. It's now 25 degrees in HK, I reckon it will be down to 18-20 degrees when we are there.. Not exactly comfortable, but with the right amount of clothes on, should be ok :)

*still feel like puking by the way*

Wendy Lim




i have been telling myself that. Chill out... cool down... slow and steady... My temper and emotions have been taking a major roller-coaster ride these few weeks, depending on various circumstances and situations I face every day. More bad than good and I wonder why I seem to be unable to control myself in the way I think or feel.

Whenever I feel physically sick or down, that's when I will feel extra cranky, like the whole world owes me a living. When that happens, I will become mute at work and just mind my own business. I just cannot wait for this to be over!!

Just bought something out of desperation..

Hopefully Carriwell's Seamless Maternity Support Band will help me during the HK trip which is happening in 2 weeks' time.. I cannot just walk 10 minutes and rest 10 minutes all the time in Disneyland! I also saw Carriwell's Adjustable Velcro Support Belt as well, which I will consider buying if the band doesnt work as well as expected. Should get the band by next week latest. Still in time!

My appetitie's kinda picking up (except for dinnertimes where I go home for dinner - hate homecooked food now, dunno why). I eat some bread and my mandatory coffee at home, then hubby will drop me at Hong Lim market where I will buy another breakfast/ brunch item and also buy my lunch. Like today, I had a packet of yam cake (ate it slowly while working from 9-10plus am) and then a packet of mee with luncheon meat for lunch. Tonight's dinner gonna be home-cooked, told my mum to cook porridge which i can stomach better than rice. Argh, been eating so much. I've absolutely no problems with outside food - can eat nearly anything (except durians, which is sooo strange).

Ok it's 3pm. Sometimes I wish I can just shift my PC a bit so that I dont have to see anyone and what they are doing. It frustrates me to no end, especially when they seem unsure of what they are doing when they should be pretty sure. (ok this is my emo self evolving - i think i am not like that usually). Even questions that are slighly stupid or silly or unnecessary irritate me. My patience (if there is any) is totally gone. Haiz. I'm just so full of myself now!



Leave me alone.

Can i just curl up in bed all day and sleep as much as I want without waking up with a headache??

Answer is no.

Different stage = different shit. God, make it go away please. Can't I be one of those better-off ones who's energetic and active the whole time?!

It's only Tuesday. And MC is not allowed this whole week. I'm already exhausted after the second day.


God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble - Psalms 46:1

Thank you Lord for showing me this verse just when I am feeling super helpless and lousy about myself. It's tough being a parent, especially in competitive Singapore. On one hand, I am damn worried that my girl cannot catch up coz all her peers are learning the same damn thing in her kindy. On the other hand, I am too kiasu coz she's just K2 and what she is learning now will happen late next year in Primary 1.

I feel lousy for chiding her whenever she gets the answer wrong, despite repeated lessons and reminders. I feel angry with myself that I seem to be making her hate Maths. I feel like just taking it slow and give her a week's break, but worried that after that week's break, she will forget everything and I gotta start from scratch again. Practice makes perfect, everyone knows that. It means I have to exercise A LOT OF self-control and patience whenever I teach her.

Maybe i should just lower my expectations. Just guide her with answers and not ask her any questions for the next 2 weeks.. until she feels confident enough to answer on her own.. in this way there is no pressure for her and me. and i still teach her.

This is kinda affecting my work too. I get so much frustration from teaching my girl in the evenings, that I don't feel like talking at all at work. I just hope people leave me alone. And the fact that I have a new colleague beside me doesn't help... haiz..
Before I post, a thought just came to my mind..maybe from God.
We don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow, why the heck do I worry so much???


bear with me

"Being a Christian shouldn't be painful, but it shouldn't exactly be a safe bubble of comfort, either. The world isn't an oasis for us Christians—that's been prepared for us in another world. There are things we need to stand and fight for,...principles that need to be clearly drawn, tasks to perform, mistakes to be made and learned."

(Taken from Burp & Slurp's blog post http://www.burpandslurp.com/2012/09/25/on-being-an-authentic-christian/)

And, this was my learning point for today. I haven't been fighting much lately, haven't been applying biblical principles thoroughly, haven't been disciplined enough to stick to some spiritual habits. It's more like a Sunday thing for me lately.. argh. This struggle is so daily. I see my bible at my bedside and I get reminded of it. I see my Bible Gateway app on my phone and I get reminded of it.

A seemingly simple decision to make time, has become an easily forgotten issue swept aside. Even after I post this, I doubt I will make any changes?

Just too exhausted currently. I am quite contented with my Sunday worship services at the moment. Bear with me k.


Mid-week Blues and Blurs

mid week blues. haiz. bought myself a egg mayo bread for breakfast part 2, since i was early for work. it's such a blessing to be driven to work every morning by hubby. even though it comes with a daily price tag of $3.08 (after deducting the MRT fare which i save on), I really do feel a difference physically. As of now, i feel very weak and even a 10 minute walk or stand will strain me out. Happened the last time too, guess my body's fully focused on what's more important and neglecting how I feel :S Good or bad?

its true that sometimes we see our character flaws in others. The more we see it in others, the more we have it ourselves. The more we feel disgusted by others' flaws, the more we are blinded to the very same flaws we have ourselves. The more I feel troubled over this, the more i shut myself up and just mind my own business. Human behavior is just too mind-boggling for me.

It's far easier to connect with children.. my girl gives her all and hides nothing when talking to me. When she is excited about something, she looks totally into it and her eyes literally sparkle with joy. When she doesnt get something she wants, she just cries out in protest. I find that simpler to cope! haha. Adults are sooo complicated.. think too much... analyse too much... second-guess too much. Yes i'm one of those adults.. and I think my thoughts can be quite ugly sometimes.

And so i took all day to type out these 3 paragraphs.


Salad Stop

End of September le.. October's gonna be a slow month (coz i'm not taking any leave at all boo) and i am so looking forward to November where I am taking quite a few days of leave!

Had a Salad Stop Prawn Wasabi wrap for lunch and now the veggies are creating gassy havoc in my tummy and causing me to burp like no tomorrow. I need a bowl of piping hot pho NOW!


Paper and Pencil Games

Paper and pencil games. We all play these in school!

Race game

On a sheet of paper, draw the outline of a circle or oval. It does not have to be perfectly circular, and some unevenness can improve the game. Now draw another circle or oval inside that, more or less concentric with gap of one or two centimetres between the two. This produces a loop of "track".

Now draw a line anywhere across the two lines. This is the starting marker. A player starts by putting the point of a pen (or pencil) on the starting marker, placing their palm on top of it, and pushing it only using the palm of their hand. It should draw a short line before the pen slips. Where this line stops is the next starting point. If a player goes outside the path, they next start where their pencil left the track. The winner is the first to complete a lap.


Tic-tac-toe, also called noughts and crosses (in the British Commonwealth countries), X's and O's (in Ireland) and X and 0 (in India) is a pencil-and-paper game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The X player usually goes first.The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

Dots and Boxes

Begin by drawing a grid of dots on the paper. Using lined paper or graph paper can make this a little easier. The first person draws a line connecting two dots beside each other. The second player then draws another line to connect another two dots. The goal is to be the person who draws the last side of a square. Then you put your initials inside the square (or some other abbreviation to claim your square). In some versions of this game, if you complete a square you get another turn. The player with the most squares when all the squares are drawn is the winner.


If you can't quite master drawing a neat grid of dots, you might find this game easier. Draw dots randomly all over the paper. The first player draws a line between any two dots, and draws another dot in the middle of that line. The next player draws a line between any two dots, and puts a dot in the middle of that line. No lines may cross each other, but they don't have to be straight, so they can loop around other lines. Only three lines in total can emerge from any one dot. The dots put in the middle of the lines already have two lines connecting them to the two other dots, so they can only have one more line. The game continues until no more lines can be drawn. The person who did the last line is the winner.


1. One player writes the numbers 1 to 21 at random all over a sheet of paper. The other player then also writes the numbers 1 to 21 at random, making sure that any number is not too close to its identical number.

2. Players toss a coin to decide who will go first. That player draws a line (straight or curved) to join two of the same number (for example, the two 7s). The opposing player then draws a line between any other identical numbers (for example, the two 18s), as long as that line does not cross the line already drawn. Players take it in turns to draw lines (without crossing other lines) until one player cannot link any identical numbers.

3. The last player to join a pair of numbers wins. It can take some strategy to plan your earlier lines to make sure your opponent cannot place the last line in the game.


On Call 36

Currently watching this on SCV Channel 855. This is probably one of the better TVB dramas.. quite catchy and interesting, although still rather predictable. I like the scenes in the operation theatres where unexpected things happen and i get so gan jiong watching how it progresses haha. Imagine I'm a surgeon, think I'll have a mental breakdown before the surgery even starts..

Also watching Jewel in the Palace, more commonly known as 大长今. I already know the storyline via Wikipedia, so I may not continue...haha. Coz I just started on Ghetto Justice 2 and I'm kinda hooked on that already! So attacted to the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood and the food stalls shown in the drama... Perhaps hubby and I can go there for supper when we are there in Nov.. :)